Optimisation of medication synthesis techniques

Optimisation of medication synthesis techniques



Our pharmaceutical sector client manufactures medication and cosmetics using different types of recipes and techniques of varying complexity. In a context of continuous process and product quality improvement, MP DATA was mandated to design and develop a data analysis tool intended to facilitate the study and optimisation of processes in order to maximize the output of different productions over time.


In partnership with the business teams, our consultants worked on recycling historical sensor data (production line) while combining it with the recipes and manufacturing techniques. Our team then designed and developed an application for the teams making it possible for them to acquire, analyse, cross reference and extract production data. Using this tool, different process optimisation studies were conducted with the process experts to improve the synthesis line output and increase its output.


Improvements in the business knowledge
of recipes and production processes

Time saving
in data analysis by agents

Finished product output
and quality improvements