Photovoltaic productible estimation

Photovoltaic productible estimation



As part of the design, development and operation of solar farms throughout the world, our client collects, aggregates and manually processes a large amount of weather, environmental and electricity production data. To improve the quality of that data and accelerate its mass processing, MP DATA was called upon to design and implement an optimised bespoke tool for use by solar engineering experts.


Following qualification and scope definition work, we set up an automation and optimisation process for all the data processing steps to set up a complete workflow. We then implemented the workflow using a turnkey application built into the client IS and connected to the different data channels (files, client databases, webservices and external APIs). Thanks to our mastery of Data Science tools and time series processing, we automated a large number of operations and calculations that historically were manual (detection and correction of incoherent data, assignment of missing data, sampling, predictions).


>10 steps
of calculations and automated processing

15 days
reduction in data pre-processing and scrubbing times

on calculation and operations performances on the datasets