Development of a microservices platform

Development of a microservices platform



A major French media company needs to be able to process media quickly and continuously for information extraction and metadata aggregation. It uses LumInvent's open-source Media Cloud AI microservice platform to process media (video, audio, text) using artificial intelligence algorithms. This platform simplifies the creation of workers containing AI solutions and the orchestration of workflows.

Our contribution

In order to enable new use cases such as the management of live streams, MP DATA strongly contributed to the improvement of the platform by working on the Software Development Kit (SDK) in Rust, the StepFlow orchestrator in Elixir and the Backend in Angular. These improvements include the ability for workers to consume and produce live streams, to orchestrate these workers in so-called Live workflows, but also user-oriented improvements to facilitate the use of the platform by third parties, whether via its user interface or its API.


The project carried out by MP DATA brought exposure to the platform. In fact, it was recently chosen by another major media company.

Fluidity of development
Our team accelerated the pace of development of the workers.

Easy to put into production
In addition to the aforementioned accomplishments, the deployment of new workers is more secure and faster than before.