Mass balance reconciliation

Mass balance reconciliation



As part of Its Industry 4.0 strategy, our client, a leader in the Oil & Gas industry, commissioned us to design and implement a real-time mass balance reconciliation tool. This task was previously done manually on a daily basis.


Through a detailed analysis of the data and the business processes associated with the reconciliation, we developed an agent-based optimization model for continuous reconciliation of measured mass balance discrepancies. This model can be adapted to any refinery context.


We then optimized the model's computational performance so that it can run on a lightweight, scalable environment on Azure. We also integrated a React web application and an automated mass measurement streaming pipeline to make the tool practical and easy to use.


In addition to significant efficiency gains, this application has standardized mass balance reconciliation methods and practices worldwide for our client.


~3 equivalent Full Time Equivalents
saved per refining site

2 days
less balance time making it possible to cover the risks as they occur

capacity to reconcile major discrepancies