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Data is a major asset for any industry.

MP DATA supports its clients in making the most out of their data.


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Values: Excellence, commitment and sharing

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To support your geographical mobility projects in France

Why MP Data?

Grow faster

Our consultants increase their skills quickly thanks to personal management driven by our technical department.

Move the goal posts

We are Pure Data Players. Our missions are at the cutting edge of the Data topics at the centre of global industrial leaders’ concerns.

Give meaning

We encourage the commitment of our employees to non-profits or sports and routinely support our clients’ CSR initiatives.

MP DATA provides its customer end to end support from the discussion with business phase through to valorisation

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Our team of technical and business experts provide our consultants everyday support in their missions and career plans.

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Grégoire Gaillac

CEO and Founder

Romain Lafitte

Associate Director

Failor Elfassi

Group Technical Director

Estelle Lecouffe

Recruitment Manager

Thibault Mathieu

Deputy Technical Director

Arthur Chabot

Business Unit Manager

Célia Lakehal

Office Manager

Nicolas Pierre

Deputy Technical Director